You are currently viewing How to get verified on Instagram for less than 1000 followers (tested and proven)

How to get verified on Instagram for less than 1000 followers (tested and proven)

How to get verified on Instagram for less than 1000 followers (tested and proven)

The Blue tick, or verified blue badge on Instagram, has been a status symbol for many years. The profile with a verified badge can help to attract brands and allow them to collaborate, which will help creators make money.

In Short

First, you must have an Instagram account that is public. You also need to have a profile picture and a bio.

You can apply to Instagram for a verified badge by going to settings

Instagram users will have to fill out a form, and provide an ID.

By Abhik Sengupta. Instagram will soon allow you to buy the Blue verification badge, also known as the Blue tick. However, until then users must rely on the old method. Instagram claims that verified badges allow others to recognize and “find public figures, celebrities, and brands they wish to follow.” But, to be fair, the Blue tick is a status symbol. A verified badge on an Instagram profile can attract brands to collaborate, which could help the creator make more money.

You already know this, don’t you?

A word of caution before I explain how to get verified for Instagram. The traditional method of applying does not guarantee a Blue check. Users may have to reapply. If your request has been denied, you can submit another request within 30 days. Instagram warns you that multiple requests for verified badges will result in your application being rejected.

Instagram will only verify users who have at least 10,000 followers. This is incorrect as Instagram’s official help pages do not specify a minimum number of followers. For clarity, my following count is below 400. I was recently verified on Instagram. There are many accounts that have over 10,000 followers (or even 15,000) but they don’t have the Blue tick.

Basic requirements to get a Blue badge on Instagram

Users must ensure basic hygiene before applying for the Blue badge.

First, you must make your account public. You also need to have a profile picture and a bio.

Instagram states that profiles must be well-known and highly searched for by people, brands, or entities. Instagram also reviews accounts that have been featured in multiple news sources. Although this section might seem vague, it is a reminder that users need to be well-known within the community as well as on other social media platforms. YouTube videos with credits can be helpful.

Instagram considers it if your name appears in multiple news articles within the past six months.

Instagram’s official help page is not very helpful for brands. However, Instagram’s requirements may be considered by brands. They need to make sure they have a valid website, a public (such as a Wikipedia) page, attribution in news articles and a strong presence on Google Search.

How to apply for an Instagram verified blue badge

The process is easy once you have met the minimum requirements. This process is only available in the Instagram app for Android or iOS, and not the web client.

For the traditional method of applying, open the Instagram app > Click on your profile icon > Settings > Account > Request verification.

The user will have to complete a form and provide their ID. They will also need to select the relevant category — blogger/ influencer, sports, news/media, business/brand/organisation. Send relevant links to your work, which prominently highlights your name or organization.

Instagram claims that after your application is reviewed by their team, you will receive a reply in your notification tab.

If all of this fails, Meta, the parent company to Instagram, is offering a subscription called Meta Verified. This subscription will be available in India once it becomes available. After you have purchased the subscription, Instagram will allow you to add the blue badge on your profile by providing a government identification. Meta Verified is available in Australia or New Zealand for $11.99 (around R 990) per monthly on the internet and $14.99 (around R 1,240) on iPhones.

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