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Best Vue Component Libraries in 2022

Best Vue Component Libraries

Vue has been a time-honored preference amongst companies with regard to growing modern and excessive-performing computer programs. Vue has continually been a factor of attention with regard to the usage of JavaScript as your programming language. Vue.js is a famous front-cease modern JavaScript framework for breaking down an internet site web page into numerous pieces. This method is made less complicated through the usage of UI aspect libraries (UI libraries).

There are several Vue UI aspect libraries to be had that will help you in your improvement process. With the multitude of alternatives to be had, you may use Vue to construct less complicated Vue apps in addition to creating exquisite programs with wealthy capabilities. The structured shape presents more than one benefit in contrast to React and Angular. Vue guarantees an excessive degree of performance, light-weighted apps, excessive first-class UI toolkit, and specific UI framework designs and capabilities

List of Best Vue Component Libraries

1. Vue Material

Vue Material Kit is used to hurry up your layout/improvement process. This is used mainly whilst constructing new web websites or net apps. Having fundamental know-how of JavaScript, Vuejs, and Vue Router is quite lots compulsory. Vue Material package is likewise supportable on nearly all cutting-edge net browsers. It additionally has a smooth-to-use API which makes this aspect improvement-pleasant as nicely. Vue Material is likewise taken into consideration greater uniqueness due to the fact it’s miles created exactly in step with Google fabric layout specs.

2. Vux

Another thrilling UI aspect library that gives Mobile UI Components primarily based totally on Vue WebUI (the oldsters at the back of WeChat). The library additionally helps a WebPack + Vue-Loader + Vux workflow.

VUX originated from China and has big documentation in Chinese with minimum English translation. VUX is one of the main Vue UI aspect libraries that focuses nicely on the fast improvement of cellular additives on your Vue application. Now in case, in case you are thinking about constructing cellular apps then this one acts as a first-rate assist!

3.iView UI

Another thrilling Vue UI aspect library is iView. This Vue UI library is a first-rate consumer interface device package this is particularly constructed on Vue.js 2.0. With dozens of Vue UI additives, Iview has been praised by organizations like Alibaba, TalkingData, Lenovo, etc. Some of the surprising capabilities of this Vue UI library consist of a first-rate consumer interface with minimum code, and a chosen CLI visible device for scaffolding. In addition to this, the iView Admin template can help nicely in running with the Vue framework.

4. Vue Material Kit

Another extensively used call a few of the pleasant Vue UI Component libraries consists of Vue Material. Now, what’s so thrilling approximately this lightweight library? Vue Material library isn’t as opinionated as different frameworks. In this probable method, to create computer programs fewer layout picks need to be taken into consideration

Also, you may start together along with your Vue challenge proper on through the usage of its fully-featured superior SPA boilerplate template primarily based totally on Webpack. If you’re seeking out something stable but lightweight UI additives which might be additionally smooth to apply, simply cross for this one. Vue Material Kit additionally has 50+ homemade additives, 2 custom-designed plugins, and plenty greater.

5. Mint UI

Are you seeking out a library providing cellular UI factors which can be truly primarily based totally on Vue? Well Mint UI is the call to remember here! These sorts of Vue aspect libraries allow programmers to construct cellular programs with the usage of acquainted front-cease codes. Also, it’s miles viable to increase aesthetically outstanding apps.

Mint UI is particularly evolved in step with Material Design specifications, every aspect is constructed with a cellular-first technique that must be responsive and modular. It presents a CSS framework and the dimensions of the package deal are around 30Kbs which makes it smooth to apply for cellular programs.

Such Vue UI aspect libraries consist of Toast, Indicator, Infinite scroll, Message field, Action sheet, pop-up, and plenty greater. The CSS additives consist of- Header, Tabber, Navbar, Buttons, Cell, Cell swipe, spinner, and so on. One greater reality to understanding approximately Mint UI is that its miles are primarily based totally on the Babel JavaScript compiler.

6. Keen UI

Another lightweight Vue.js detail UI library to recall is Keen UI. Keen UI isn’t a CSS framework. This method it doesn’t consist of patterns for a grid system, typography, etc. Here you’ll discover 30 reusable additives and some of these additives are customizable.


VueTailWind is a front-cease library primarily based totally on the famous Tailwind CSS framework. Although it’s miles nevertheless beneath neath improvement. It is a famous javascript library that capabilities a UI package with pre-designed additives. You can create an endless variety of versions for every use case through the usage of this library.

8. Prime Vue

The subsequent one on this aspect queue of notable additives libraries of vue is a famous call referred to as PrimeVue comp. Vue has been utilized by many giants like Airbus, Intel, and others to depend upon the Prime Vue aspect library. This kind of aspect units out as a notable instance of a framework that lets you to create specific, complex, cutting-edge, and extraordinarily dynamic Vue programs. They consist of lots of additives which could assist you to increase from tables to nicely-designed graph-primarily based organization charts. Prime Vue also can be used to increase interactive Vue programs.

This framework also can be used to create consumer interfaces for corporation software programs due to the fact its additives are designed for developing complex software program programs. Prime Vue is likewise famous amongst all varieties of companies.

9. Quasar

This listing will in no way be entire without Quasar. Yes, Quasar is one of the maximum famous, lightweight, and network-sponsored frameworks which is likewise famous amongst builders. With this method, Quasar has a massive network that helps builders in growing new-part and technically sound programs. Quasar is famous for fabric layout pointers and it can be utilized in the improvement of each computer and cellular browsers. What makes Quasar unique from others withinside the equal league is its cross-platform guide also can be utilized in making a few out of the field or nifty primarily based totally programs.

Developers pick out Quasar due to the fact they get a choice of having access to more than one system from one unmarried code base and therefore it saves a whole lot of time and effort. It has a big network on GitHub and there are numerous participants too. One first-class of Quasar that makes it specific is, its “write as soon as and set up concurrently” which makes customers greater willing to apply this as you get real-time outcomes.

10. Vue Sax

Vue Sax consists of visually attractive and nicely-designed additives that you can comprise into your very own projects. When you operate Vue Sax, this framework will make sure exemplary improvement revel that you are capable of fashioning the additives relying on your branding in addition to desires and as a result, preserve the tempo of improvement and first-class.

Within this, you can discover some of the pinnacle front-cease improvement equipment consisting of Sass, Typescript, and others to are supported and integrated. Despite the reality that Vue sax isn’t as regularly used as different Vue UI aspect libraries, the reality is that its miles unbiased of any prescriptive layout language and it’ll set your Vue app other than the crowd. You can use it for its one-of-a-type layout to provide your net websites with an outstanding appearance.

And that’s a Wrap!

Vue needs higher and smooth coding in addition to reliable Vue pleasant practices to make pleasant use of the Vue framework. Meanwhile, for us, It’s the proper time to dive down into the listing of Vue UI aspects of all libraries

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