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For the last 8 years, we have continually tweaked our development process. The core of our process is “Bringing Predictability to delivery and value scalability.” With CI/CD pipelines and automated code reviews, our customers enjoy faster feedback cycles and quicker reviews.

Here is our product development cycle at a glance

The Complete Process is Built on Strong Project Management and Process Fundamentals as Defined Below

Here is our product development cycle at a glance

Design Sprint

Backed with Design Sprint practice, we help our customers evolve their products and plans. A Design Sprint is a series of meticulously designed steps, conceptualized by Google to build better user experience and design thinking into the products.

Design Sprint is part of a complete idea transformation process that helps you conceptualize your idea and create a blueprint that the development team can follow. While we use the Design Sprint best practices, we do not stop at just providing recommendations. Our Design Sprint leads to a complete mockup version of your idea that can then act as a blueprint that the development team can follow.

Here is typical series of activities that we do while working with our customers during a Design Sprint

Agile Scrum Development Methodology

Once the project plan is outlined, we utilize scrum practices for development. management. Using agile project management methodology we deliver new components every 2-4 weeks to our clients. Within a Sprint, a planned amount of work is completed by our team and made ready for review.

Every Sprint comprises daily Scrum meetings, Sprint Retro, Demo days, UAT, and Code Review. This means that every sprint solidifies your product and does not leave anything for chance.

Faster Speed and Predictability Achieved With Automation and CI/CD

CI/CD pipelines implementation at Cimmerse allows merging working copies of code from different developers together in a shared mainline several times throughout the day. These pipelines form the backbone of DevOps automation. Additionally, quality assurance and security checks are automated with tools like CodeGrip.

The process shortens the code-change-result cycle, making the code easier to fix and update as the turnaround is a lot quicker and cheaper. The goal is for developers to receive immediate feedback on any issues found within their most recent code revisions. Fixes can be made at the earliest opportunity (and lowest cost). This all helps ensure the delivery of high-quality, reliable, and competitive software products on time.

Since there is no human intervention in the process, there is no risk of falling off the process.