You are currently viewing Get High-Performance & KVM-Based VPS Hosting from MilesWeb!

Get High-Performance & KVM-Based VPS Hosting from MilesWeb!

Get High-Performance & KVM-Based VPS Hosting from MilesWeb!

Is the performance of your website slowing down? Have you choose the best shared hosting plans? Shared hosting cannot handle the growing traffic on your website, and thus your website may slow down. In this scenario, virtual private server works well.
VPS hosting is an upgrade to shared hosting. With VPS hosting or forex VPS hosting, you do not have to sacrifice the performance, as well as it can meet the growing demands of your website/application.
Let’s first get to know what is VPS hosting?
A virtual private server or VPS hosting is basically a virtually isolated server condition. It is created after dividing the physical server into multiple virtual private servers, each having its own set of dedicated resources committed to your website/application. CPU, bandwidth, and disk space, which makes it completely yours. As all the virtual private servers serve from a physical server, the maintenance and operating system costs are reduced, making it a budget-friendly hosting option.
Now, there are numerous VPS hosting providers in the industry, and so it becomes a difficult task to pick the right one.
MilesWeb is among the top-ranking web hosting providers in the industry. They offer a wide range of hosting services including, shared hosting, reseller hosting, WordPress hosting, cloud hosting, dedicated hosting, VPS hosting and more.
You get the best vps hosting performance with KVM-based. This means KVM virtualization technology is incorporated into their VPS servers. With KVM virtualization, you get the ability to allocate resources such that no user can utilize more than their allocated resources, giving them isolated and dedicated resources. KVM prohibits the problem of noisy neighbors.
First, we’ll know in brief about the features included with their VPS hosting plans.

Best-in-Class Features Included with MilesWeb’s VPS Hosting Plans

Below are the features included with MilesWeb’s VPS hosting plans.

VPS Hosting in India

It’s essential to consider the location of your VPS hosting. MilesWeb has data center in India, which is perfect for the target audience based in India. They have Tier-4 data centers that offer the highest security, great uptimes and top-speed performance to your websites/apps.

SSL Encryption Certificate

The security of websites is the primary concern. And thus, with all of MilesWeb’s VPS hosting plans, you get an SSL certificate at no additional cost. The SSL on the website keeps the URL safe and secure with HTTPS. Also, any type of information that passes to and from the VPS server is encrypted automatically. It prevents the attackers from gaining access to the information shared by visitors as it passes through the internet.

Super-fast SSD Storage Drives

The speed and performance of a website affect your business a lot. MilesWeb utilizes SSD technology to ensure you get the best VPS hosting performance. Built for high-speed, MilesWeb’s VPS servers serve as the best platform for hosting websites/apps.

Intel Xeon Processors

MilesWeb makes use of Intel Xeon processors on their VPS server. The Intel Xeon processors are the newest generation of processors with the highest number of CPU cores. They are ideal for running mission-critical websites/applications.

100% Guaranteed Resources

With MilesWeb, you get guaranteed server resources for your website/app. It results in high power, low latency and top-speed for your website/application. All the resources that are assigned to you can be utilized for hosting websites. You don’t have to share the server resources with other users, and so there is no fluctuation in the available resources.

Do You Offer 24×7 Support?

Yes, we offer 24×7 support with our managed VPS hosting plans. We take care of all the configurations, maintenance, and customizations, plus every technical aspect of your mission-critical website/app. We also have a team of experienced engineers who take care of maintaining your hosting account while we take care of growing your business.

VPS Hosting Plans & Pricing

For VPS hosting, MilesWeb has ten plans, ranging fromVM1 toVM8. VM1 is the basic plan that costs Rs.630/m on one-year of subscription.
The resources included with this plan are 2 vCPU, 2 GB RAM, 50 GB SSD Disk, 500 GB Bandwidth and 1 Dedicated IP and 1 Gbps Network.
And the premium plan is VM8, which costs Rs.8,991 on one-year of subscription. The resources included with this plan are, 12 vCPU, 24GB RAM, 500 GB SSD NVMe, 12 TB Bandwidth and 1 dedicated IP and 1 Gbps Network. You can choose a plan that best meets your requirements and budget. As your requirement grows, you can upgrade the plan at any time. Also, you get a 30-day money-back guarantee, wherein you can cancel the plan within 30 days of signing up.

Final Words

Now if you are looking for the best VPS hosting provider in the industry, MilesWeb can be an ideal option for you. They offer all the feature-rich resources at affordable prices. They have plans starting at Rs.630/m. You also get the choice of operating system and control panel. Get started with MilesWeb’s VPS hosting today!

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