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Top 6 Frontend Frameworks To Use in 2022

Top 6 Frontend Frameworks To Use in 2022

This publish well-knownshows the pinnacle six frontend libraries to apply in 2022. The listing is clean and really distinct from the preceding years.

State of JS

This listing is from the State of JS report, an annual well-put-collectively survey of builders withinside the JavaScript network to proportion their mind round utilization and pride of libraries, ideas and evaluations round gear and withinside the network. The 2021 report, which become launched a few weeks ago, become visualized from surveying over 16,000 builders from throughout the world.

These are the pinnacle JS frameworks to appearance out for this 12 months rated with the aid of using developer utilization pride.


SolidJS is arguably the quickest and smallest sized JS framework that exists today. It is acquainted so that you have already got an concept of the way to use it in case you are coming from a Knockout.js or a React Hooks background. It presents you entire manage over what receives up to date and when, even on the DOM binding stage with out Virtual DOMs or diffing.

With JSX and TypeScript support, it compiles as soon as after which does updating as wished withinside the quickest feasible manner. It is likewise actually feature-wealthy with remarkable capabilities like Fragments, Portals, Context, Suspense, Error Boundaries, Lazy Components, Async Concurrent Rendering, Implicit Delegation, SSR & Hydration, Directives and Streaming.


Svelte.js is an open-supply JavaScript framework this is additionally outstanding rapid. It does compilation and serves the code at construct time in place of runtime like a few different frameworks. This makes it outstanding rapid, arguably one of the quickest frameworks. The compiled code is in smaller bits and JS modules, and this makes the browser do much less and so load content material quicker. Svelte is thought to don’t have any digital DOM (very rapid libraries undertake this approach), be actually reactive and will let you write much less code as a developer the use of it.


React is a JS framework with the aid of using the crew at Facebook used to construct internet consumer interfaces, particularly for unmarried web page programs. React may be very reactive because the call suggests—you may construct small to very massive programs that updates the DOM with out web page reloads. It become constructed to be very rapid, declarative and smooth to learn.

React makes use of digital DOM, an awesome manner to create quicker internet apps. The additives also can without problems be reused, and a thing can include more than one smaller additives in it. It is likewise less difficult to create dynamic programs at the internet the use of React in preference to Vanilla JS. React has a collection of gear that make you snug the use of it, from a strong network to devoted debugging gear and extensions for your preferred IDEs.


Vue.js is an open-supply JS framework constructed with the aid of using Evan You, for constructing interactive consumer interfaces. It makes use of the model-view-viewmodel architecture, essentially making sure that common sense is impartial of the view in order that matters are clearer and legible. Vue will pay excellent interest to the view layer of the application, after which works with assisting libraries for different extra capability leaving the middle mild in length.

As you may already tell, Vue makes unit trying out quite smooth. It may be very flexible, and the doctors are also the very best to read, in my opinion, amongst all JS frameworks out there. It is likewise outstanding smooth to get commenced with. Vue is one of the few frameworks this is very famous however now no longer controlled with the aid of using any huge corporations.


Alpine.js is a rugged, minimum device for composing conduct immediately for your markup. Think of it like jQuery for the present day internet. Plop in a script tag and get going. it’s far actually minimum—it simplest has a group of 15 attributes, 6 residences and a pair of methods.

“Alpine.js gives you the reactive and declarative nature of huge frameworks like Vue or React at a miles decrease cost. You get to maintain your DOM, and sprinkle in conduct as you notice fit.” – Caleb Porzio, challenge author

You ought to strive it out. It helps you to write JS within the HTML, inline, with none builds or want for a whole lot of installation.


Lit is a JS framework constructed on internet additives standards, very futuristic and reactive, and it carries declarative templates and a handful of considerate capabilities to lessen boilerplate and make constructing internet apps less difficult. The length is 5kb for the compressed file, so that you recognise the weight time might be very short, and it’s also rapid. Lit does now no longer reload pages however dynamically updates the modified elements of the DOM—no digital tree rebuilds, no diffing.

It has this actually cool interactive playground to check out your ideas. You can test it out today.

Wrapping Up

In today’s publish, we’ve visible the pinnacle six JavaScript frameworks to apply this 12 months that rank excessive withinside the pride index with the aid of using hundreds of different JS builders. Other excellent frameworks encompass Stimulus, Angular and

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