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Top 10 Most Popular Java Frameworks

Top 10 Most Popular Java Frameworks for Web Development

Frameworks are gear with pre-written code, that act as a template or skeleton, which may be reused to create an utility through clearly filling together along with your code as wished which permits builders to software their utility and not using a overhead of making every line of code over and over from scratch. Now in case you are looking for the satisfactory gear withinside the marketplace that assist you to expand a internet site less complicated, quicker and higher than Java is continually there for you with a massive wide variety of frameworks and most significantly maximum of the Java frameworks are loose and open-supply. But in case you need to research Java and need to grasp it then sign up now with GeeksforGeeks Java Programming Foundation – Self-Paced and kick begin your programming adventure with our professional mentor Sandeep Jain.

1. Spring:

Spring is a effective, light-weight, and maximum famous framework which makes Java quicker, less complicated, and more secure to apply. This framework could be very famous amongst builders for its speed, simplicity, and productiveness which enables to create enterprise-degree net programs with whole ease. Spring MVC and Spring Boot made Java cutting-edge, reactive, and cloud-geared up to construct high-overall performance complicated net programs for this reason utilized by many tech giants, together with Netflix, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, etc.

  • Using Spring’s bendy and complete third-celebration libraries you could construct any net utility you could imagine.
  • Start a brand new Spring venture in seconds, with, rapid startup, rapid shutdown, and optimized execution through default.
  • Spring presents a light-weight box that may be prompted with out an internet server or utility server.
  • It presents backward compatibility and smooth testability of your venture.
  • It helps JDBC which improves productiveness and decreases mistakess as a great deal as possible
  • It helps modularity and each XML and annotation-primarily based totally configuration
  • Spring Boot has a big atmosphere and network with big documentation and a couple of Spring tutorials

2. Grails:

It is a dynamic full-stack Java framework primarily based totally at the MVC layout pattern. which is simple to research and maximum appropriate for beginners. Grails is an object-orientated language that complements developer productiveness. While written in Groovy it is able to run at the Java platform and is flawlessly well matched with Java syntax.

  • Easy to Create tags for the View,
  • integrated help for RESTful APIs,
  • you could blend Groovy and Java the usage of Grails,
  • satisfactory appropriate for Rapid Development,
  • configuration functions are dynamic, no want to restart the server.

3. Google Web Toolkit (GWT):

It is a totally famous open-supply Java framework utilized by a massive wide variety of builders round the sector for constructing and optimizing complicated browser-primarily based totally programs. This framework is used for the efficient improvement of high-overall performance complicated net programs with out being an professional in front-give up technology like JavaScript or responsive layout. It converts Java code into JavaScript code that’s a excellent characteristic of GWT. Popular Google programs like AdSense and AdWords are written and the usage of this framework.

  • Google APIs are massively utilized in GWT programs.
  • Open-supply and Developer-friendly.
  • Easily create stunning UIs with out substantial understanding in front-give up scripting languages.
  • Create optimized net programs which can be smooth to debug.
  • Compiles the Java supply code into JavaScript documents that may run on all main browsers.

4. Struts

It is a totally beneficial framework, an open-supply MVC framework for growing cutting-edge enterprise-degree Java net programs that want conference over configuration and decrease normal improvement time. It comes with plugins to help REST, AJAX, and JSON and may be without problems incorporated with different Java frameworks like Spring and Hibernate.

  • Super Flexible and amateur-friendly,
  • Reliable, primarily based totally on MVC layout pattern.
  • Integration with REST, JSON, and AJAX.
  • Creative issues and templates make improvement duties quicker.
  • Extend talents for complicated improvement,
  • Reduced improvement time and Effort, makes dev less complicated and amusing.

5. JavaServer Faces (JSF)

It is pretty just like Struts, a loose net utility advanced framework, maintained through Oracle era which simplifies constructing consumer interfaces for Server-facet programs through assembling reusable UI additives on a page. JSF is a component-primarily based totally MVC framework that encapsulates numerous client-facet technology and focuses extra at the presentation layer to permit net builders to create UI clearly through simply drag and dropping.

  • Rich libraries and reusable UI additives,
  • Easy front-give up gear to apply with out an excessive amount of coding,
  • Jsf enables to enhance productiveness and consistency,
  • Enrich the consumer revel in through including Ajax activities for validations and approach invocations.
  • It presents an API to symbolize and manipulate UI additives and in preference to the usage of Java, JSF makes use of XML for view handling.

6. Hibernate

A stable, light-weight ORM Java framework that may without problems speak with any database and is extra handy whilst running with a couple of databases. Working with Hibernate is amusing the usage of effective APIs and numerous beneficial gear like Mapping Editor, Wizards, and Reverse Engineering. Many large organizations together with Platform, DAILY HOTEL, IBM, and Dell use Hibernate of their tech stacks,

  • Light-weight and smooth to scale up, modify, and configure.
  • Complex records manipulation with much less coding.
  • High productiveness and portability,
  • Used for RDBMS in addition to the NoSQL database.
  • Awesome Command-line gear and IDE plugins to make your revel in pleasant.

7. Play

A precise form of framework that makes it less complicated to construct an internet utility the usage of Java and follows the method of conference over configuration. It is primarily based totally at the stateless, net-friendly, and light-weight structure, the MVC pattern. It presents minimum useful resource consumption (CPU memory) for a rather scalable cutting-edge cell and net utility.

  • High overall performance because of asynchronous processing
  • Reactive ideas enhance the productiveness of builders,
  • Most of the mistakes are stuck for the duration of bring together time saving loads of errors early withinside the improvement life-cycle.
  • Easy and brief reload for any adjustments withinside the configuration,
  • Easy to create easy JAR documents.

8. Vaadin

An open-supply client-server framework, with an energetic global network that permits you to create complicated and dynamic net programs the usage of pre-designed UI additives. Write UI in undeniable Java with out even bothering JS, HTML, and CSS. You also can create layouts with a visible clothier in preference to HTML. Vaadin presents a server-facet structure that enables builders to create dynamic and interactive interfaces for the net. Using Vaadin get right of entry to to the DOM at once from the Java digital machine. The up to date additives may be mixed with different frontend JavaScript technology together with React and Vue, or maybe undeniable JavaScript.

  • High developer productiveness and rapid improvement;
  • Built at the Web Components standards,
  • Provides many additives, and one-of-a-kind listeners,
  • Automates client-server communique and routing,
  • Has correct documentation and an energetic network.

9. Wicket

Wicket is a totally easy Java net framework, with a component-orientated shape in which all you want to know, is most effective Java and HTML and not using a XMLs or configuration documents. Previous revel in running with JSP makes running with Wicket, clearly a cakewalk. The essential characteristic of Wicket is its POJO version in which additives are easy (Plain Old) Java Objects having OOP functions. These additives come bundled collectively as reusable applications in order that builders can customise them with images, buttons, forms, links, pages, containers, behaviors, and extra.

  • lightweight and superfast framework.
  • Unit checking out could be very smooth with Wicket.
  • Zero XML configuration documents,
  • No Back-Button problem,
  • Easy to create Bookmarkable Projects.

10. Dropwizard

A light-weight Java framework with out-of-the-container help for superior configurations, helps you to whole your utility withinside the quickest way. It is a mystical framework with brilliantly incorporated libraries like Jetty, Guava, Jersey, Jackson, and Metrics for all of the configurations, security, and overall performance-associated duties. The developer simply desires to paintings on constructing your commercial enterprise common sense with none more overhead. Any amateur can create high-overall performance RESTful net programs very without problems the usage of Dropwizard.

  • Easy to carry out speedy prototyping,
  • Support open reassets and impartial libraries,
  • Quick Project Bootstrap,
  • Easy to installation and amateur-friendly
  • Build high-overall performance, stable, and dependable net programs.

So If you need to expand an remarkable and dependable net utility then you could use any of those pinnacle Java frameworks as those will meet your commercial enterprise necessities and could provide a sure degree of flexibleness with most useful overall performance and security. Using the proper frameworks makes net improvement amusing So Choose your framework accurately to experience all of the functions that Java presents.

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