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The 7 Golden Rules of UI Design

The 7 Golden Rules of UI Design

User Interface (UI) can determine the destiny of your utility or internet site. It can do each: convert the traffic into your shoppers or cause them to leave. If your UI is smooth, efficient, and responsive sufficient to decorate customers’ experience, they will turn out to be being your clients. On the turn side, in case your UI isn’t good, it’ll dissuade traffic from the use of it, and they will in no way flip returned to you.

With the growing tempo of improvements and disruptive technologies, the commercial enterprise international is getting extra aggressive each passing day. Also, loads of your product’s substitutes are already competing withinside the market. Given those circumstances, dropping a traveller to a competitor method a enormous loss that no person desires to incur.

Hence, that will help you preserve your traffic till they convert, we’ve added the 7 golden regulations of UI layout. In this text, we are able to provide an explanation for the 7 regulations in an effort to assist degree up your UI layout:

  • Incorporate the basics
  • Let the manage be on the consumer’s fingertips
  • Set predefined shortcuts for the common customers
  • Provide remarks to each consumer input
  • Lessen the consumer’s reminiscence load
  • Make the UI constant throughout all of the lineup/pages
  • Incorporate approaches to address trivial mistakes


In easy terms, User Interface (UI) is the consumer’s first affect of viewing an utility. Before it’s even launched, the UI can inform the consumer that the utility will visually be intuitive, smooth to navigate, and amusing to apply.

However, there is lots extra to recognise approximately UI, however we’ve constrained this text to the regulations of UI layout. If you need to study UI extensive first, we recommend Maze’s consumer interface layout process.

1. Incorporate the basics

So, first matters first: begin with the basics of your UI layout. Be it something, the basics are constantly crucial, and skipping them will in no way take you to the meant destination. We must now no longer cross towards the tides; hence, we must comply with the basics as defined below:

Visual Hierarchy

You must shape the content material of your internet site or utility hierarchically. When traffic land to your predominant web page, attempt now no longer to weigh down them with the whole lot you’ve were given on board, specially whilst you are an ecommerce platform with heaps of categories.

Let’s maintain with the instance of an ecommerce platform. You need to have a major web page that must handiest reveal the important thing highlights of your internet site and the alternatives to transport to the alternative head pages if the traffic need. For instance, the primary web page may also have the route handiest to the shopping web page, approximately us web page, weblog web page, terms situations web page, etc.

Afterward, in case your traffic have include the acquisition intent, they’ll click on on the acquisition web page. When they land there, each promoting object must now no longer be scattered all around the location instead it need to be well-structured.

For instance, create a hierarchy of subcategories together with health wellbeing, electronics, toys, etc., below the primary shopping class. Then, similarly divide every element if possible, just like the electronics sub-class is divisible into cellular phones, laptops, printers, etc.

White Space

Unlike its name, white area is the clean area among text, graphics, or different factors to your platform no matter its colour. If the heritage of a internet site is black, and if it’s miles left clean among the factors, in an effort to be its white area.

White area is vital in layout, and it’s an smooth manner to enhance the legibility of your layout. To create a higher layout, you could use small, empty areas among lines, paragraphs, or menu gadgets as white area.

Color Contrast

Choose the colour of your UI accurately because it displays your logo persona. Colors have an effect on the notion of human beings approximately you; hence, pick it accordingly. For instance, as in step with the research in colour psychology, black colour creates a notion of luxury.

Similarly, you need to pick a colour, and use it throughout the entire UI that quality displays your logo. Also, you need to create a distinguishing assessment among the colour of your font and the white area; the combination of each may also hinder readability.


Do you need to distract your traffic? No? Then higher align the content material for your UI. The quality component you could do for alignment is to apply a grid device that will help you align factors at the web page. Aligning factors on a web page facilitates create a clean connection among them, and it’s miles one of the maximum critical concepts to don’t forget.

2. Let the manage be on the consumer’s fingertips

You need to have a bendy UI layout that doesn’t direct your traffic; instead, the alternative is correct. To elaborate, your UI must now no longer direct traffic to carry out a mission except they desire.

The manage of the UI need to be withinside the consumer’s hands. If they need to depart the platform, the UI must facilitate their desire. If they need to undo/redo a state, your UI must facilitate that. Similarly, you could comprise such minor tweaks into your UI’s layout that allow the manage be on the consumer’s fingertips.

3. Set predefined shortcuts for the common customers

If your utility or internet site is used regularly via way of means of the customers, it need to have a few predefined shortcuts to repetitive duties. For instance, many programs together with Google’s Docs are used regularly via way of means of their clients.

In such programs, the customers expand an unspoken want of now no longer doing repetitive duties manually once more and once more; hence, the shortcuts paintings wonders here. For your common customers, you need to comprise shortcuts withinside the UI as Google Docs has done.

For instance, if the consumer copies and pastes the gadgets for your utility regularly, make it less complicated for them via way of means of specifying the shortcuts together with Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V, respectively.

4. Provide remarks to each consumer input

For each consumer movement, there need to be a response to verify that the movement is being carried out. That response may be something from a alternate withinside the pressed button’s colour or a activate confirming the actions.

However, in keeping with the ui/ux designers, the guideline of thumb of thumb is if the movement is modest, the response need to additionally be modest. Whereas for a unusual movement, a unusual response is required.

To illustrate, if a consumer has clicked at the ‘approximately us’ web page, the response to verify that their movement is being carried out may be a loading animation or only a loading cursor. Similarly, if a consumer has entered a brand new password that doesn’t meet the required criteria, the response may be a pop-up to signify what’s missing.

5. Lessen the consumer’s reminiscence load

Your UI layout must be easy and smooth-to-use, now no longer state-of-the-art. A state-of-the-art utility incorporating more than one various things may also purpose a load at the consumer’s reminiscence to don’t forget them. Ultimately, they will abandon it and shift to a substitute. Since you don’t need this, reduce the consumer’s reminiscence load.

You can do it in lots of approaches. For instance, while developing shortcuts for repetitive duties, make the ones shortcuts smooth to don’t forget and use. A commonly used shortcut key for saving sports throughout many programs is Ctrl+S. The designers set this precise key because:

It has the primary letter of the word ‘Save’ to make it smooth-to-don’t forget

It is commonly used throughout all structures for the identical purpose

Similarly, attempt to reduce customers’ reminiscence load so that they don’t sense careworn while the use of it.

6. Make the UI constant throughout all of the lineup/pages

A constant UI contributes to the convenience of use of customers. If it’s miles a UI for a internet site, all of the pages must have the identical layout, font, and location of trendy commands. If you’ve got got a lineup of merchandise that supplement every different together with Microsoft’s Office Suite, the UI in all the programs need to be as constant as possible.

7. Incorporate approaches to address trivial mistakes

Errors are inevitable; hence, there must be a manner to rectify them. If your customers make mistakes, you must layout your UI that doesn’t cause them to sense worried. The UI must offer accessible, in-constructed treatments to amend the ones mistakes.

An notable instance of it’s miles the ‘Undo’ feature of Gmail even as sending an electronic mail. Sometimes, we simply pass over attaching the documents in an critical electronic mail and press the ship button. For the convenience of customers, Gmail gives a time of some seconds to undo that electronic mail and amend it.

Similarly, your UI must additionally have such treatments to the capacity mistakes customers can make.


It’s thrilling to look how UI layout has developed over the years. Undoubtedly, it has come to be complicated with the converting alternatives of customers. To make certain that you could address this complexity, we showcased the regulations of a super UI layout.

We desire you loved our article approximately the 7 golden regulations of UI Design. It may be problematic to construct a UI that truely represents your enterprise and one which your clients will use. So, in your UI layout to be a success, make certain you comply with those golden regulations.

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