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Develop a SaaS Application

How to Develop a SaaS Application [Development Guide]

Developing a SaaS utility is probably the logical subsequent step to your manner to commercial enterprise increase. But constructing software program isn’t a selection you could make gently or with out engaging in right studies first. You want to recognize the fine details of the SaaS improvement system to make right choices on the subject of hiring a dev crew, allocating the finances, or advertising and marketing the brand new answer. And that is what this text is approximately.

At Relevant, we’ve helped extra than two hundred corporations excel via way of means of growing SaaS answers for startups and mature businesses. So relaxation assured: the suggestions we deliver on this piece are attempted and tested.

Continue analyzing to find out SaaS utility improvement fine practices and different info you want to recognise approximately SaaS utility improvement and outsourcing.

two hundred+ corporations from 25 international locations outsourced software program improvement to Relevant

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What is a SaaS utility?

A SaaS utility is a internet-primarily based totally app that replaces offline software program. Its subscription-primarily based totally, on-call for nature frees your customers from having to put in it regionally on their gadgets, in addition to upgrading the hardware required to run it.

Clients generally use SaaS answers from related gadgets through a web browser or special APIs at the same time as the software program company incorporates out all maintenance. Typically, its infrastructure is maintained via way of means of a third-birthday birthday celebration cloud-computing company.

The cloud shift charge thru 2020 for SaaS is 37%—that’s 3 instances extra than PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) and IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service). And consistent with BetterCloud, extra than 75% of corporations declare to make 80% in their commercial enterprise apps SaaS withinside the subsequent 5 years.

Basic set of SaaS app functions

To provide an all-encompassing enjoy, cloud-primarily based totally SaaS answers want to have a hard and fast of functions that differentiate them from different styles of on line offerings and platforms. These include:

The cappotential to login and logout of your consumer profile

Subscription-primarily based totally billing version


Application and records protection

User-pleasant interface

Automatic updates

The choice of receiving electronic mail notifications

What you must take into account whilst growing a SaaS utility

There are a couple of elements you want to keep in mind whilst growing a SaaS utility. We break up them well into  categories, primarily based totally on their stage of technicality.

Technical traits of SaaS packages

A stable SaaS utility must carry out perfectly withinside the following factors:


While it’s vital to have a fairly big, bendy, and steady database, it additionally desires to be of a particular kind that fits your commercial enterprise desires. What database kind you select relies upon on many elements, inclusive of records kind, scalability, predicted load, the ratio of examine to put in writing actions, programming language, and finances.


Scalability desires to be part of your SaaS improvement system from the start. The software program you’re constructing has to scale vertically in addition to horizontally, and increasing it must by no means be a trouble to your commercial enterprise.

Frequent updates

There’s no such aspect as ideal software program. Your customers’ expectancies and desires will grow, and so must your software program if it desires to accommodate them. Updating your SaaS answer often primarily based totally on consumer comments is a need to to hold up.

Third-birthday birthday celebration integrations

By permitting integrations with third-birthday birthday celebration software program, you growth your answer’s marketability, including cost and functions automatically. So, plan the ones types of integrations on your software program via way of means of imparting smooth-to-eat APIs in addition to documentation. Hosting famous bots like Slack is constantly a win for a SaaS utility.

Non-technical traits of SaaS packages

Being a strong piece of software program is simplest 1/2 of of the achievement to your SaaS. The different 1/2 of is being consumer-pleasant, so ensure your answer has:

Market fit

Before even beginning the improvement, ensure the marketplace truely desires it. Analyzing the marketplace and visualizing your answer’s function in it early on lets in placing practical expectancies and transferring ahead accordingly.

Client acquisition system 

You’re constructing an app for customers, so ensure it’s smooth to use, appealing, and advertised to the proper audience. Caring to your customers additionally way growing a subscription lifecycle and a honest pricing policy.

Various packages

Offering special types of subscriptions makes a SaaS pricing version extra bendy and draws extra customers. Plus, your customers could be satisfied to recognise they could nevertheless hold the usage of your SaaS if their finances modifications via way of means of virtually transferring to a larger or smaller package.

Now, you recognize what vital functions your SaaS utility desires and what technical and non-technical traits to pay interest to. Phew, it’s in the end time to get right all the way down to coding.

How to expand a SaaS utility [step-by-step]

The system of constructing SaaS packages generally follows the subsequent steps:


This is the biggest chew of labor in SaaS software program improvement. Building a SaaS utility from scratch calls for months and a whole crew of committed experts, with everybody targeted on their discipline of understanding.


You can’t simply start constructing cloud packages. Okay, yes, you could, however it’s going to fee you expensive seeing that with out designing the answer first, you threat generating software program that’s risky and complete of unnecessary, defective functions. The SaaS design segment has a couple of cycles and consequences in vital artifacts just like the software program structure document, consumer stories, fashion courses and mockups, and occasionally even a purposeful prototype.

But let’s recognition at the factors inherent to SaaS answers, beginning with the app’s web website hosting structure or the way it comprises its customers. You can go together with a single- or multi-tenant method.

The single-tenant architectureprovides each customer with their personal server whilst the usage of your software program. It’s extra appropriate for larger customers who might also additionally exhaust your assets quickly.

On the alternative hand, the multi-tenant structure lets in a couple of customers to get entry to the equal database thru separate accounts, that means they’re blind to the alternative’s existence. There are  methods to enforce the multi-tenant method:

One app instance, one database.With this setup, all customers getting into your cloud surroundings get entry to the equal database till it’s complete. While this method is straightforward to enforce, its scaling skills are limited, which impacts the general overall performance of the app and the consumer enjoy.

One app instance, numerous databases. Here, every database is simplest stuffed as much as a sure factor earlier than redirecting new customers to every other database. That manner, customers have get entry to to extra assets, so the software program feels extra responsive. This method is a whole lot extra high priced to enforce and calls for extra assets early on.

The subsequent step is selecting your software program improvement tech stack, that’s the muse of your internet app. Many elements come into play whilst determining the way you need to construct your app: flexibility, scalability, finances, and speed.


To account for destiny changes to the software program, from scaling and enhancing overall performance to operational flexibility and more desirable protection, you want to divide your software program’s records into separate records stores — partitions. This manner, it’s less difficult to address every partition one by one with out the complexity of the complete database.

There are special styles of partitioning techniques like horizontal, vertical, and purposeful, every having its blessings and compromises.


Think of software program deployment as establishing the the front door of your store. Everything must be in area so customers can use your software program, without problems discover huge documentation, and be capable of touch your guide proper away. And to hold it that manner, deployment desires automation just like a factory’s manufacturing line. Software updates roll out in real-time, getting launched as quickly as they’re ready.

Speed and versatility make the automatic deployment method special from ordinary updates. Instead of freeing one foremost replace each now and again and setting your complete machine on hold, you’ll be capable of installation small modifications at a time.


SaaS software program checking out is all approximately ensuring it meets your and consumer necessities earlier than and after the discharge date, plus has as few insects as possible. It’s a very good concept to comprise each guide and automatic checking out methods on your excellent guarantee system to cowl the software program entirely. Plus, beta testers allow you to find out a few non-trivial use instances you haven’t even concept of. You also can add cloud protection assessmentto this system.

Managing monitoring

The improvement crew (which we’ll cowl in element later on) works fine whilst all they do is code and test, at the same time as a supervisor oversees the system and courses them. Managers recognise fine which duties must be assigned to whom and who isn’t professional sufficient but to address extra senior-stage assignments. This is the individual you could expect for updates at the SaaS improvement system.


Optimizing SaaS environments boils right all the way down to optimizing charges, tenant enjoy, availability and overall performance, timing, and bulk operations. Whichever you want to optimize, ensure you do it after scaling to the favored length. Then, it’s a count number of figuring out what your software program desires to run easily via way of means of ensuring you’ve got got sufficient servers and databases to your consumer base. The trick is to have sufficient assets for a pleasing consumer enjoy however now no longer an excessive amount of that you’re losing cash on group of workers and equipment.

Migrating from on-premise to cloud

Unless your SaaS improvement framework become cloud-primarily based totally from the start, you want to transport it there. Depending to your server kind, quantity of records, and ideal downtime, you’ve got got a couple of migration alternatives to select from:

P2V (physical-to-virtual)

P2C (physical-to-cloud)

V2V (virtual-to-virtual)

V2C (virtual-to-cloud)

Knowing the way to expand a SaaS utility is one aspect; locating a crew professional sufficient to do that at an affordable fee – that’s an entire special story.

SaaS improvement crew composition

While the quantity of crew contributors can range, there are precise roles you want to fill to expand cloud-primarily based totally SaaS software program.

Project supervisor. A individual liable for making plans the software program improvement system, assigning duties, and following up on their fulfillment, making sure the development adheres to a hard and fast time-frame and necessities.

Business analyst. A individual who analyzes your software program’s position withinside the marketplace and files its development, assesses and builds a possible commercial enterprise version for you.

UX/UI designer. A individual who designs and implements your utility’s consumer interface and enjoy, making sure it’s smooth-to-use, aesthetically pleasing, and aligns together along with your brand.

Backend developer. A individual who works at the server facet of your SaaS utility, ensuring it capabilities as deliberate the usage of scripting languages.

Frontend developer. A individual who works at the customer facet, turning designs into code, generally the usage of JavaScript and its frameworks.

QA engineer. A individual who assessments your SaaS software program for defects, insects, and problems and reviews them to be constant via way of means of the engineers.

Depending to your mission length and finances, you can additionally want different experts like a technical writer, a advertising and marketing specialist, or a product supervisor at the improvement crew. In addition, in case you are leaning in the direction of methodology DevOps for SaaS projects, you may additionally want a DevOps engineer. Our seasoned tip is to companion up with a software program improvement seller who can provide the offerings of a extensive style of experts.

Cost of constructing a SaaS utility

The lion’s proportion of software program improvement charges is the salaries of software program engineers and different vital improvement crew contributors. If you’re constructing an in-residence crew, ensure to feature the charges of hiring and onboarding new tech experts to the finances. If you’re thinking about outsourcing software program improvement, the rate you’ll pay consists of the hourly costs of engineers plus the seller’s fee.

According to YouTeam’s current survey, the common hourly costs of senior software program builders around the world range drastically:

United States: $46.32/hour

United Kingdom: $71/hour

India: $30/hour

Ukraine: $37/hour

Speaking of Ukraine, outsourcingSaaS utility improvement to a seller from this united states would possibly nicely be the superior preference in phrases of the excellent-fee ratio. Ukrainians proportion the Western commercial enterprise values, are knowledgeable and hard-working, and stay in a time area that’s affordable for customers from each the EU and the US.

Your Relevant companion

If you select to entrust your mission to a SaaS improvement company, ensure they’ve applicable enjoy and recognise what they’re doing from non-public enjoy. You don’t must appearance far, though,—Relevant is an outsourcing seller with 8 years of SaaS improvement enjoy. Our customers include high-increase SaaS corporations from across the world, inclusive of:

FirstHomeCoach: a fintech product that enables UK consumers buy property

Svenn: an app that lets in production corporations to tune time and control employees

Kaizo: a SaaS utility that enhances the overall performance of guide groups thru gamification

Biderator: an public sale platformthat connects production paintings contractors with customers

Whenever making a decision to feature your call to the list, touch our experts. They could be glad that will help you construct a SaaS utility your customers will love and you’ll be proud of.

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