You are currently viewing Angular 14: Top New Features and Updates

Angular 14: Top New Features and Updates

Angular 14: Top New Features and Updates

Angular is one of the maximum famous front-cease net improvement frameworks supporting builders construct fast, responsive, and scalable unmarried-web page programs for lots years.

We now have Angular 14 to make existence simpler for builders. From going to 100% Ivy withinside the preceding launch of 13, all-new primitives for additives, and extra – this replace has some thing that’ll hobby you.

Angular 14 has added many thrilling new functions and updates for Angular builders. Some of the maximum extraordinary enhancements include:

  • Angular CLI now helps TypeScript
  • A new date variety picker has been introduced to the Angular Material library
  • The ngcc device now makes use of TypeScript’s incremental compilation mode with the aid of using default, ensuing in quicker compilation times
  • (The ngcc(Angular Compatibility Compiler) is a device that enhancements node_module compiled with non-ivy ngc into ivy compliant format)
  • Support for a strict mode flag has been introduced, that may assist discover ability mistakes for your code
  • The Angular Router library has been up to date to offer higher aid for lazy loading Angular modules
  • A new dependency injection device has been introduced, which offers more flexibility and extensibility
  • Various computer virus fixes and overall performance improvements.

This launch additionally consists of many functions and computer virus fixes which are contributed immediately with the aid of using the network members.

Let’s have a have a take a observe the important thing highlights and crucial improvements in Angular 14:

1. Angular receives simplified with Standalone Components

Angular 14 is the state-of-the-art model of Angular, and it consists of quite a number of latest functions and updates. One of the maximum good sized modifications is the creation of standalone additives. Prior to Angular 14, all additives had been required to be a part of a module. This made it hard to reuse additives in specific initiatives.

With the brand new standalone element characteristic, builders can create self-contained additives that may be reused in any Angular application. This makes it simpler to percentage code among initiatives and hurries up improvement time. In addition, Angular 14 additionally consists of a brand new Ahead-of-Time (AOT) compiler which could enhance overall performance with the aid of using as much as 30%.

2. Typed Forms

Angular 14 turned into designed with one intention in mind: to make paperwork extra user-friendly. With general types, you could ensure that your values will constantly in shape what they must and keep away from any sudden mistakes in the course of an improve way to vehiclemobile migration functions for each vintage apps (which don’t want updating) or new ones if this replace is completed on pinnacle of present codebases!

3. Streamlined Page Title accessibility

One of the maximum noteworthy modifications is the addition of a streamlined web page name accessibility characteristic. This new characteristic makes it simpler for customers to navigate pages with lengthy or complicated titles. Previously, customers could frequently need to depend on display screen readers to study the whole name of a web page earlier than they knew what the web page turned into approximately.

With the brand new Angular 14 characteristic, handiest the primary few phrases of the name can be study aloud, making it simpler for customers to quick discover the web page they’re searching for. This extrade will enhance the accessibility of Angular-primarily based totally programs for all customers.

4. New primitives withinside the Angular CDK

The new Angular CDK (Component Development Kit) is a hard and fast of equipment that builders can use to construct UI additives. The new primitives include:

  • A Drag and Drop carrier that makes it clean to create drag-and-drop interfaces.
  • A Move key movement which lets in customers to transport attention among factors the usage of the arrow keys.
  • A new Focus control carrier that makes it simpler to manipulate attention inside Angular programs.
  • A new positioner carrier that facilitates with positioning factors at the web page.
  • A new DomPortalOutlet carrier that makes it clean to insert Angular additives into present DOM trees.

These new primitives make it simpler than ever to construct state-of-the-art UI additives with Angular. So if you’re trying to take your Angular improvement to the following level, make sure to test out the brand new primitives withinside the Angular CDK.

5. Angular DevTools is now to be had offline

Angular DevTools is now to be had offline. This way that you could use the Angular DevTools even supposing you’re now no longer related to the internet. This is a excellent new characteristic for Angular 14, and it’s certain to be a big time-saver for Angular builders. The Angular DevTools permit you to look at Angular additives and diagnostics in real-time. With this new offline aid, you’ll be capable of use the Angular DevTools even if you’re operating offline.

This can be a excellent assist for Angular builders who’re frequently at the cross and don’t constantly have get entry to to a web connection. Thanks to this new offline aid, the Angular DevTools can be even extra beneficial for Angular builders. Thanks, Angular!

6. Angular CLI improvements

The Angular CLI has now been up to date to model 8.3, which incorporates some improvements. One of the maximum extraordinary improvements is the capacity to generate library initiatives the usage of the Angular CLI. This makes it simpler for builders to create and keep Angular libraries. Additionally, the Angular CLI now helps more than one programs in a unmarried mission workspace.

This is specifically beneficial for builders who want to keep more than one programs that percentage not unusualplace code. Finally, the Angular CLI now consists of primary aid for TypeScript 3.7. This will permit builders to take benefit of latest TypeScript functions whilst growing Angular programs.

Overall, Angular 14 is a primary replace that simplifies improvement with Angular and makes it extra effective than ever earlier than.

7. Templates

Templates at the moment are to be had for builders who need to make their existence simpler. With the brand new TemplateRef and ViewContainer Embedded Views, you could create templates a good way to store time whilst growing embedded views!

8. Angular Router Supports Lazy Loading of Modules

Angular Router is a effective routing library that lets in builders to lazy load modules. This way that modules may be loaded on demand, that may enhance the overall performance of an Angular application.

Angular 14, the state-of-the-art model of the Angular frame work, has been launched with aid for lazy loading of modules. This new characteristic makes it simpler for builders to create huge Angular programs that carry out well.

9. Diagnostics for Enhanced Templates

The creation of diagnostics for more suitable templates lets in builders to perceive and accurate mistakes of their Angular templates. Templates are a important a part of Angular programs, and this new diagnostic device will assist builders to create extra dependable and strong Angular programs.

The new diagnostics device in Angular 14 is a excellent development for builders. They’re primarily based totally on typescript code and in shape what the compiler offers us, so that you realize precisely in which your mistakes are coming from! With those warnings, it will likely be clean to restore any primary troubles earlier than they come to be extra critical problems that would prevent improvement altogether if left unchecked.

The accelerated capability lets in extra records approximately how an mistakess passed off or why some thing may also were tolerated whilst compiling templates – this manner we will offer beneficial messages as opposed to simply highlighting them as preceding variations did.


Angular 14 is ultimately launched with a few first rate new functions and updates. This model could have a primary effect at the improvement network as a whole. If you’re trying to construct your subsequent app the usage of Angular, our group can assist get you began out quick and easily. Contact us now to analyze extra approximately how we will help you in growing your subsequent massive mission

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